About Us


The DCCPAAA is a non-profit organization that supports law enforcement and public safety activities within the Davis County area. We are a group that fosters and extends the Citizens Police Academy goal of developing an awareness and relationship with local law enforcement and public safety organizations, and showing support through volunteerism and community activities.

We realize that a law enforcement presence that is strongly focused on the community and aligned with its citizens will insure a safe and secure society. We also believe that police agencies that feel they are valued and appreciated by their community will strive to be the most honest and reputable of organizations in their furtherance of order.

We support public safety through education and familiarity of the public with the various aspects of law enforcement, an understanding of police actions based on the threats that they face and a view into the emotional aspect of dealing with the undesirable elements of the society in which we live.

We also support law enforcement and public safety through support of the programs that they are involved in for public outreach, and provide financial support for equipment and supplies that are necessary but not always funded by their agencies, such as bullet proof vests for their K-9 companions.

Our goal is to create a public awareness of the value of law enforcement to society, the importance of public safety institutions to our quality of life, to develop a strong partnership between the community and its governmental institutions from police and fire to the courts and legal system.