Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be the Davis County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association hereafter referred to as (“The Alumni”).

Article II – Purpose

The Alumni is organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is more specifically organized for the purpose of providing service and monetary support to public safety and medical organizations and the personnel and families of the personnel who work for those organizations primarily within the boundaries of Davis County, Utah. As deemed appropriate, The Alumni will also provide service and support for all other like-minded 501(c)(3) eligible charitable causes.
Article III – Location

The principle office of the organization, at which the general business of the corporation will be transacted and where the records of the corporation will be kept will be at such place in Davis County, in the State of Utah, as may be fixed from time to time by the Board.

IV – Members
Section 1. Admission.

All individuals may become members of The Alumni if they:
1. Meet the eligibility requirements for one of the member classifications set forth herein;
2. Agree to work for the purposes of The Alumni and operate within these Bylaws;
3. Submit a completed membership application; and
4. Pay annual membership dues.

Section 2. Membership Classifications. Membership shall consist of the following classifications:

1. Full Members (“Full Members”).
a. Davis County Citizens Police Academy (“The Academy”) members who have paid their dues upon graduation from The Academy and/or renewed their Dues by January 1 of any subsequent year. Full Members shall have the right to vote at all meetings of The Alumni, hold office and participate in all activities.
i. Active Members are those graduates who have paid initial and subsequent dues on an annual basis as described for Full Members.
ii. Inactive Members are those graduates who have not paid either initial dues or subsequent dues as outlined in this Section 1.

2. Associate Members (“Associate Members”).
a. An Associate Member is any person currently enrolled in The Academy. They may participate in all activities but shall not have any voting rights, committee membership, or election to office within The Alumni. Associate Members must pay dues to participate in the Alumni and upon graduation from The Academy they become Full Members of the Alumni.
3. Honorary Members (“Honorary Members”).
a. Honorary Membership can be proposed (by written request of any Full Member) for individuals who have contributed outstanding service to Alumni, the Academy or to the Davis county public safety or medical organizations or their families. Honorary members are considered Full Members in all respects with all rights and responsibilities as stated herein for Full Members. Honorary Members are not obligated to pay dues to maintain their Honorary Membership in the Alumni.

Section 3. Termination of Membership

1. Any Alumni Member may be disqualified for membership and removed from The Alumni for the following reasons:
a. Conviction of a Felony or first or second degree misdemeanor.

b. Willful violation of any policy or procedure of The Alumni or the lawful directives of any active enforcement offices.

c. Any deliberate act that is unethical or brings discredit to the Academy or The Alumni.

d. At the reasonable request of any Sheriff County Sheriff, Police Captain, Fire Chief, the Academy Coordinator, or The Alumni President for overt acts which conflict with the goals and objectives of the Academy, The Alumni or the Davis County public safety or medical organizations.

2. Disqualification requests must be made in writing to the President of The Alumni. Such requests shall list the reason(s) for the proposed disqualification. Disqualification shall be decided by the affirmative vote of three fourths (3/4) of the Board. Written notice of the disqualification vote shall be provided to the affected member and to the party submitting the disqualification request. Notwithstanding any other condition stated within these Bylaws, conviction of a Felony or First or Second degree misdemeanor shall result in immediate disqualification for the individual having been convicted of such.

3. The Board may, by a three fourth’s vote of the Board at an official Board Meeting, with President voting, terminate any member for cause, provided such member shall have been given at least (10) days prior notice in writing and be allowed to attend said Board Meeting to show cause why said member should not be terminated. The Board of Directors has the sole discretion to determine what constitutes “Cause”.

4. No vote held by the Board to terminate membership shall end with a tie. Any and all ties shall be broken by the vote of the Registered Agent whose duties are further described in Article V of these Bylaws.

Article V – Officers

Section 1. Officers

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of The Alumni shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board shall be the Governing body of The Alumni; promote and supervise the affairs of The Alumni; present matters that are subject to the approval by the Full Members; and enforce the bylaws of The Alumni.

Section 2. Officer Qualifications:

To be eligible for office, candidates must be Full Members (with current paid dues). The Secretary and Treasurer may serve two (2) consecutive one year terms in the same position, and are eligible to serve again in that same office after a period of one (1) year following the completion of two (2) consecutive terms. The Vice President shall become the President, for the period of one year, after serving one year as Vice President.

Section 3. Ex-Officio Member:

An Ex-Officio member of the Board may be appointed by the Board as follows:

a. The Academy director will submit the names to the Board of 3 recommended persons to on an annual basis to coincide with the date elections are held for Board members.
b. The Board shall have the sole right and responsibility to choose one of the named individuals to serve as the Ex-Officio Member.
c. The Ex-Officio Member will serve for a period of 1 year to coincide with the same time frame that elected officers serve.
d. The Ex-Officio Member shall serve as an Advisor Only to the Board and shall have no voting rights.
e. The Ex-Officio will not be required to pay dues.

Section 4. Registered Agent
a. A Registered Agent may be appointed by the Board for the express purposes of maintaining a specific address location for regulatory, legal and licensing purposes.
b. A Registered Agent can be used by the Board from time-to-time for specific assignments to include but not limited to tie-break votes of the Board as further described herein.
c. A Registered Agent serves at the pleasure of the Board and can be changed or removed by a ¾ vote of the Board.
Section 5. Duties and powers of Officers:

1. The President shall:
a. Be the Chief Executive Officer of The Alumni,
b. Preside at all Board meetings and General Meetings,
c. Perform all duties incumbent of his or her office, and
d. Act as The Alumni liaison with the Davis County public safety, and medical organizations.
2. The Vice president shall:
a. Perform all the duties and exercise all the powers of the president during any absence or disability of the President,
b. Serve as the parliamentarian of The Alumni and as such shall ensure that follows proper parliamentary procedures during all meetings.
c. Become the President, for the period of one year, after serving one year as Vice President.
3. The Secretary shall:
a. Keep a record of all proceedings of The Alumni and the Board,
b. Notify members of special meetings and perform such other duties as the Board may direct, and
c. Turn over to the successor all official records and documents of The Alumni.
4. The Treasurer shall:
a. Keep a record of all receipts and disbursements of The Alumni,
b. Maintain the file vouchers supporting documents open for examination of the Board,
c. Conduct the financial affairs of The Alumni including maintenance of the current file of paid membership,
d. Maintain membership roster,
e. Ensure that all required financial filings are done properly and timely,
f. Spend reasonable time and money(as approved by the Board) to ensure compliance, and the ability to provide Government agencies proof of adherence, to the requirements of being a 501(c)(3) corporation
g. Ensure that all required financial filings are done properly and timely,
h. Perform other such duties as are required by the Board, and
i. Turn over to the successor all financial records of The Alumni.
All powers not delegated by the Board are reserved to the Board

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1. Location

The official domicile of The Alumni shall be in Davis County, Utah. All official meetings of the Board and The Alumni shall be held within the boundaries of Davis County unless specifically authorized by the Board to meet in other locations.

Section 2. Meetings:

The Alumni shall make reasonable attempts to meet at least quarterly (“General Meeting”). At least ten (10) days prior notice of any meeting shall be given the Members. Members present at a properly convened General Meeting will constitute a quorum.

Section 3. Special Meetings:

Special Meetings (“Special Meetings”) of The Alumni may be held at the call of the President or upon the request of three-fourths of the Board. Any Member in good standing may petition the Board in writing to hold a Special Meeting. The decision to hold a Special Meeting requested by any Member shall be at the sole discretion of the Board as further qualified in this Article VI.

Section 4. Board Meetings (“Board Meetings”)

The Board shall meet as needed but shall meet at least one (1) time prior to each General Meeting to determine the agenda items for the General Meeting.
Article VII – Elections

Section 1. Nominations:

In April of each year, the Board shall appoint a Committee of one member of the Board and two from the Full Members to nominate a slate of potential officers. Elections (“Elections”) will be held at the November General Meeting of The Alumni. The new Board will assume responsibility as of the January 1, of the following year.

Section 2. Election Vote:

A majority vote (50% plus1) by those Full Members present at the November meeting shall be required for all elected positions. Voting shall be done by private ballot.

Section 3. Vacancies:

Any vacancies occurring in the Board or any committee between regular elections shall immediately be filled by a majority vote of Board members still serving. If the President’s position is vacated the Vice President shall immediately assume those duties for the remainder of the previous President’s term at which time the presiding President will serve for another year as further described in Article V Section 5 of these Bylaws Any officer may be removed with or without cause by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the remaining officers present at a Board Meeting of the Board.
Any officer filling a vacancy by vote of the Board may, at the next regular Election, stand for election to that position for a full term except for the temporary Vice President who will move up to fill the position of President and a new Vice President will be elected..

Article VIII – General Provisions

Section 1. Fiscal Year.

The Fiscal Year for The Alumni shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Section 2. Finances.

1. The Board shall be empowered to set the policy for the use and disbursements of all
contributions, earnings, or income with the approval of the Full Members in good standing. Approval of all disbursements above $250.00 requires an affirmative vote of 50% plus 1 of the Full Members at a General Meeting.
2. The Board shall have the right, in their sole discretion, to distribute up to $250.00 to charitable causes without the vote of the Full Members at a General Meeting. All funds so distributed shall be made known at the first General Meeting following the disbursement.
3. All funds raised for The Alumni purposes shall be given to The Alumni Treasures for deposit into The Alumni bank account as specifically directed by the Board
4. Proper accounting methods and safeguards will be established to protect the Board and all members.
5. All funds will be used in strict compliance of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, or corresponding sections of any future federal tax code.
Section 3. Dissolution of The Alumni

Upon dissolution of The Alumni for any and all reasons, the Board shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of The Alumni, shall on a best efforts basis immediately dispose of all assets for the purposes as outlined in these By-Laws. If the associates cannot reasonably be disposed for such purposes they shall be either: 1. Be donated to any other Davis County organization qualified as exempt under Code Section 501(c)(3), or 2. Any and all assets not so disposed will be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction in Davis County, Utah

Section 4. Dues.

Dues for Full Members (“Dues”) will be $20.00 annually. Dues for each full fiscal year and /or part thereof shall be paid no later than January 1 of each year. If Dues are not paid in any calendar year the Full Member will become an Inactive Member until their Dues are paid in full. Dues and any other fees that may be pertinent to the Members must be approved by a majority vote of Full Members held in a General Meeting or Special Meeting of The Alumni.

Article IX – Rules of Order

The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall be the parliamentary authority in all cases not covered by these By-laws. Parliamentarian duties are assigned to the Vice President.

Article X – Amendments

Amendments to these By-laws must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Members in good standing (Full Members with current paid dues) who are present at any General Meeting or Special Meeting of The Alumni provided that any such Amendment has been submitted properly to the membership in advance of the meeting.
April 11, 2016


President: ___________________________
              Dante Fratto

Secretary: ___________________________
              Carrie Harwood
Vice President__________________________
                   Veronika Pett

Treasurer: _____________________________
                   Karen DeVore