Davis County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association


To become a member of the Davis County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (Alumni) you must:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements for one of the member classifications below.
  2. Agree to work for the purposes of the Alumni and operate within the Bylaws of the Alumni Association.
  3. Have never been convicted of a Felony or first or second degree misdemeanor.
  4. Submit a completed Membership Application
  5. Pay annual membership dues of of $20.00 for each full calendar year or part year.

Alumni Membership Classifications and requirements are as follows:

  1. Full Members:

Full Members are Graduates of the Davis County Citizens Police Academy who have paid their dues upon graduation from the Academy and/or renewed their Dues by January 1 of any subsequent calendar year. Active Full Members have the right to vote at all meetings of the Alumni, hold office, and participate in all Alumni activities.

  1. Associate Members:

An Associate Member is any person currently enrolled in The Davis County Citizens Police Academy.  They may participate in all activities of the Alumni but shall not have any voting rights, committee membership, or election to office within The Alumni.  Associate Members must pay dues to participate in the Alumni and upon graduation from The Academy they become Full Members of the Alumni.

  1. Honorary Members:

Honorary Membership can be proposed (by written request of any Full Member) for individuals who have contributed outstanding service to Alumni, the Academy or to the Davis county public safety or medical organizations or their families.  Honorary members are considered Full Members in all respects with all rights and responsibilities as stated herein for Full Members. Honorary Members are not obligated to pay dues to maintain their Honorary Membership in the Alumni.

If you want to apply for Full or Associate Membership in the Alumni or submit someone for consideration as an Honorary Member please select the appropriate button below.